A few years ago, in an attempt to escape the heaviness of loss, and the pressure of confinement, Brianna left home in Minnesota and moved to Nantucket. But in an effort to outrun suffering, she soon found herself 30 miles out to sea, alone with her ghosts.

 Desperate to know our own potential, we lament our paths not chosen. Nostalgia and fantasy play reels of what could have been, possibilities revealed to us only in the passing of time, or in a dream. Brianna spent a year living in both the fantasy of escape and the recognition of the things she carries with her, and Dreamlife was born out of this melancholic longing.

The album’s songs are both autobiographical and fantasy, documents of facing phantoms, and fleeing them. Dreamlife dedicates itself to souls who parted ways--former selves, loves--and invents other worlds altogether, reimaginings of how things happened. The album is a nonlinear narrative of those reckonings and revisions, a pleading with time.

 Evoking the instrumentation and mournful harmonies of Americana pioneers Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss, as well as the avant-folk sounds of artist and songwriter Sam Philips, the collection of songs on Dreamlife were tracked by a live ensemble in Minneapolis, MN in 2017. The record is set to be released May 1, 2018 on Suntanman Records.