Brianna Kočka plans ‘chill night’ at La Crosse’s Root Note,” by Randy Erickson, La Crosse Tribune.

“I was like, ‘Well, this is a thing I need to see through,’” she said. “The plan was to just write the songs and let them be. What I really wanted to do was get back to the heart of why I wanted to write songs to begin with. It felt good to get back into the heart of it, not make it just be about the industry.”

Brianna Kočka single “wild child” featured on b-sides & Badlands blog.

“Brianna Kočka wraps us tightly in a fuzzy fleece of Americana with “Wild Child,” off her new album Dreamlife. “I miss being a wild child / I miss feeling bright and new,” she sings, an aching longing seeping into her vocal. She’s world-weary but manages to pull herself through the dirt to deliver a punch, a triumphant act despite the sorrow tearing at her bones. “If I’m being honest, I miss you, too,” she later confesses. The soft glow of acoustic guitar bounces off the shards of glass of lonesomeness in the aftermath of a rather tragic breakup.”